Artificial Intelligence and Accounts Receivable with YayPay

This post features the twelfth episode of the Artificial Intelligence Podcast. Episode 12 is entitled Artificial Intelligence and Accounts Receivable with YayPay featuring Eugene Vyborov.

Eugene is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of YayPay, a cloud-based solution for accounts receivable that uses automation to make collecting money fast, easy and highly predictable. YayPay uses machine learning technology to predict risks for businesses – such as late payment of invoices – and to suggest workflow strategies – such as how and when to follow up with a customer about an overdue invoice.

Eugene is an engineering executive who is performance-oriented and thoughtful about his work. At YayPay, Eugene is responsible for the company’s strategic technology vision and core product architecture in addition to other duties including product delivery and talent acquisition.

Get YayPay’s Essential Guide to Days Sales Outstanding here.

This episode was professionally produced by JAG in Detroit.