Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

This post features the third episode of the Artificial Intelligence Podcast. Episode 3 is entitled Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work featuring Robi Mitra as my guest.

Robi is the CEO of K&A Resource Group, a staffing company providing labor solutions to businesses. But K&A is not your average staffing company.

As more robotics, automation and intelligence are being pushed to the plant floor – creating an Industrial Internet of things (“IIoT”) – the nature of how and what people are working on is changing. K&A is building around its core capabilities of manufacturing skilled trades, IT and engineering as these skills pertain to manufacturing on the plant floor in order to stay ahead of the curve in the current industrial revolution, or what some call Industry 4.0.

Robi and I discuss his perspective on the convergence of these skills what it all means for the future of work.