Technology and Recruiting

This post features the eleventh episode of the Artificial Intelligence Podcast in a NEW format, professionally produced by JAG in Detroit! Episode 11 is entitled Technology and Recruiting featuring Steve Acho.

Steve is a technology staffing executive with Solstice Consulting Group, a technology staffing company, and Shortro, a technology staffing product. Steve works with companies of all sizes from small startups to companies the size of Apple and General Motors.

Steve is an evangelist for making the use of technology “more human” and wants to change the entire conversation in the recruiting, interviewing and hiring processes. He is the author of the book, Why Technology Recruiting Is Broken and What To Do About It.

And that is not all there is to know about Steve! He is a bilingual business consultant – speaking fluent Japanese – and has authored a book on doing business in Japan. Steve is also an accomplished musician and serious athlete.

So, this conversation focuses on the recruiting process for technology firms but John and Steve also dive deep in to cultural acceptance of technology and what it means to be human in an increasingly technologically advanced society.